New Project: the Not a Billionaire Novel

Romancelandia is full of billionaire novels. Romance review blogs and elsewhere are full of criticisms of the billionaires for not being very plausible. Typical complaints: billionaire has too much time, billionaire acts like a blue collar guy, billionaire doesn’t spend nearly enough money/in the right ways. After a great deal of contemplation, and many probably annoying conversations with friends, I have decided I don’t actually want to write a billionaire novel, however, I think I _do_ want to write a longish, possibly novel length tale of a young 10-100 millionaire, tech industry, recently (last 1-2 years) sold out/turned it over to people who could manage a scaling company (I’m leaning towards the sold out option). That lets me tell the apparently popular story, which is someone with a lot of resources AND a lot of time and a class background and behavior set that makes sense to working or middle class readers. But because I’m not ever actually writing with intent to market, I’m looking to tell the slow story I’m interested in, which is the class transition version of the bildungsroman, which should also allow me to do all kinds of fun lifestyle porn stuff (buying a house, furnishing it, expensive entertainment and clothing, etc.), and if I do _that_ part right, it should have some universal appeal since we all have to figure out how to shape our environment and spend our time. Since this is the blog of failed projects, don’t have high expectations. Please. And if you’re my walking partner reading this, I’ll see if I can write a bit more about Shadowsbrook, too.