NotAB: Cast of Characters

Missing: relationship statuses for Partners at Indices and Vanessa’s friends, high schools and places of birth for some parents/spouses [babies have been added]

Our Hero: Zachary Douglas Todd, b. 4 October 1983 (Northwest Hospital in Seattle), graduated high school (Shorewood) 2002, college 2006 (UW computer science and engineering). Family home is in Innis Arden.

His Mom: Nancy Susan Douglas Todd, b. 23 December 1957, graduated high school (Burlington-Edison) 1975 and college (Western Washington in Bellingham, State College when she entered, University by the time she graduated, education) 1979, m. 12 July 1981 (so she has the classic screwed up birthday problem) [I think she grew up in Skagit or Whatcom, and her father worked in an industry that was disappearing by the time she came along, as some sort of manager, and her mother was a nurse. She got a teaching job in Shoreline School District and met her husband at a night club, probably Parker’s. They bought their house in Innis Arden in August 1986].

His Dad: Gregory “Greg” Vance Todd, b. 12 March 1954 (parents living in Richland in the military city, born at Kennewick General Hospital), graduated high school 1972 (Richland High School), college 1976 (WSU, accounting), m. 12 July 1981 (because he was born in 1954, never eligible for draft)

His brother: Nicholas Dylan Todd, b. 5 January 1985 (Northwest Hospital in Seattle), m. August 16, 2014,  high school 2003 (Shorewood), Bastyr Exercise Science degree 2008, personal trainer (certification?), they are trying to adopt, they will succeed and bring their baby home in the fall of 2015.

His brother’s husband: Steven Nathan Clark, b. 6 March 1983, m. 16 August  2014, graduated 2005 from UC San Diego in Computer Science, currently employed at Amazon, met Nicholas at a gaming group before the Amazon job

Zach’s Ex-Girlfriend:Kara Nicole Young, b. 28 April 1986

Partner in Indices 1: Prem Gupta, b. 24 March 1991 in the US to recently immigrated parents

Partner 2: Sarah Nguyen, b. 11 April 1980 in the US to parents who immigrated in 1975

Partner 3: Victoria “Tori” Bergstrom, b. 20 July 1984

Partner 4: Joshua “Josh” Cordell, b. 2 June 1975

Our Heroine: Vanessa Ellen Baker, b. 14 October 1982 (UW Medical Center/Hospital) (family calls her Nessa; older friends call her Van; she used Vanessa at work) (close birthdays!), high school 2000 (Shorecrest), college 2004 (UW computer science and engineering) (pre-k, kindergarten and most elementary in Montessori) Family home is north of Hamlin Park, bought in summer 1992; before that they were renting in Maple Leaf, Green Lake, or similar.

Her Mom: Sharon Lynn “Shari” Cooper Baker, b. 24 May 1957, graduated Roosevelt High School 1975, m. 7 July 1979, series of nursing degrees, ending up as a nurse practitioner (CNA or similar, LPN, LPN-RN bridge program, RN-Master’s of Nursing, using a variety of schools, and getting a bachelor’s as well in order to do the RN-Master’s bridge at the UW or similar), grew up in Maple Leaf

Her Dad: Robert Irving  “Irv” Baker, b. 3 April 1954, m. 7 July 1979 (because he was born in 1954, never eligible for draft), Roosevelt high school 1972, college 1976 (UW, business), went back for an MBA (1990-1), grew up in View Ridge

Her brother: Terrance John “TJ” Baker, b. 16 September 1980 (UW Medical Center), m. 28 June 2014, high school 1998 (Shorecrest), cosmetologist, owns a salon, rents chairs (I’m thinking he went to Shoreline Community College in the early 2000s, probably starting with the cosmetology degree right out of high school and then adding business classes until he got a certificate, taking more classes when things were slow at the shop, alternatively Gene Juarez) The move to the family home was timed perfectly for him, as he was about to age out of Montessori and needed a middle school option. TJ and Kimmy got married with the expectation they would immediately start a family. They will be expecting twins in July 2015.

Terrance’s wife: Kimberly Anne “Kimmy” Larson, b. 5 August 1984, m. 28 June 2014, graduated high school 2003, UW accounting degree and post program to get enough to sit for the CPA exam, CPA passed 2008, in a tax practice focusing on high net worth individuals

Her sister: Brittany Grace Baker, b. 17 November 1985 (UW Medical Center), m. 26 June 2010, high school graduation 2004 (Shorecrest), EMT (North Seattle College), she aspires to get into the Harborview paramedic program. She spent the fewest years in Montessori, and the most years in public school, starting in 1st or 2nd grade. Once TJ and Kimmy are expecting, Brittany succumbs to increasing pressure from Mitch, and her mother, and they start trying to have a baby. She will be expecting a single child in February 2016.

Brittany’s husband: Mitchell Ryan “Mitch” Adams, b. 18 February 1984, m 26 June 2010, police officer (2 year degree Shoreline Community College Criminal Justice, got hired, went to BLEA etc.)

Friend 1: Holly Chen, b. 28 March 1983

Friend 2: Erin Benson, b. 8 September 1982

Friend 3: Marisa Schuyler, b. 7 June 1980

Friend 4: Jeffrey Bingham, b. 20 March 1982

Coworker at EstatePro: Daniel Lee

Loyalty Hire at EstatePro:

Finance Team

Realtor: Suzanne Armstrong, b. 18 December 1965
Estate lawyer


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